WordPress versus Blogger

Being on WordPress is very different to being on Blogger: there’s none of the log-on-and-write that is so liberating, and comforting, to novice bloggers and techno-phobes like myself. What it does make you realise, though, is that blogging is a serious format, somewhere along the lines of a press-release or newspaper column, with its own style of writing that must be similarly learnt. I think it’s the lack of physical entity that makes many people rather look down on it, but it seems to me that blogs are merely a technological replacement of the ‘zines of the eighties and nineties (or perhaps another facet; do these still exist?) the next generation of self-publishing. It must be enormously liberating now to be a teenager and instead of endless hours with pritt stick and scissors, and then hawking it round, just pressing ‘Publish’. Or did the physical effort involved impose some kind of discipline; did it weed out those who weren’t prepared to put in the time or had nothing to say?

For those similarly bemused with this new medium, and wishing to save the amount of time my own learning curve has taken, I’ve found another very useful site full of blogging tips which explains things very well to people like me. And possibly you too. On its advice I have added an ‘About’ page, sorted out the disparate posts into similar categories and finally taken the plunge and switched on the ability for readers to comment.

I seem to have lost most of my Blogger readers in the hiatus – who were mostly from Europe – and picked up a new audience on WordPress, who are mostly from America, so we shall have to see how that works out. But it would be nice to know what people think of Warrington’s current regeneration project ‘The Bridge Street Quarter’  – and whether the development really will be all that is hoped for it.



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