I have just finished James Rebanks’ The Shepherd’s Life, perhaps the best book I’ve read this year and a beautiful account of the traditional life and perspective of a Lake District fell farmer.  At the centre of the story is a very deep seated attachment to the mountain area where James’ forebears have farmed for six centuries and this has inspired me to write my next blog about the issue of “place.”

As a shepherd James uses a lovely word “hefted” to describe the genetic attachment which a flock of fell sheep have to the particular part of the mountainside where they have grazed for generations of summers.  Place too has an enormous role to play in the human psyche, although increasingly less so since the start of the Industrial Revolution  when the forces of capitalism began to uproot us from the patterns of settlement and work which had…

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4 thoughts on “Place

  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely, thoughtful piece of writing, Victoria. Like the author, I’m also a fan of place, and in terms of its importance to me as a reader/viewer, would probably put it on par with character and style – but certainly ahead of plot.

    I have to say, I’m definitely getting a strong sense of Warrington from your writing.

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    • I’m pleased other people like it too; it’s an excellent article, very well expressed – I’ve yet to think of a fitting introduction, though.

      ‘Small world’ – yes, that’s something I’m discovering; very David Lodge.

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