Welcome to Warrington (part one)

Stuck in traffic on a recent shopping trip to Warrington, I was reflecting on the changes to the area since I used to live here.

Coming from the perspective of one who was born and brought up here and then moved away, returning only through the nineties onwards for sporadic visits, my view on things is that of both insider and outsider. I am, as an article I once came across put it, ‘ethnographically embedded’ in a community in which I now walk as an almost stranger.

So. How does the town appear to the visitor, approaching as I was, from the South?

Firstly, having left behind the Cheshire villages of Lymm, Thelwall, Grappenhall and Latchford, and driven over the steep Black Bear Bridge, you follow a wide main road towards the town. To my mind this seems rather a lost opportunity. The bridge forms a natural punctuation point to say ‘from here you are approaching Warrington’; the road should be a gradual transition between the semi-rural suburbs and the town.

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