Bridge Street Quarter – The Masterplan Framework


The consultants state that the Framework ‘seeks to develop a comprehensive masterplan to secure the revitalisation of this area of Warrington town centre.’ (1.1). They note that the process began in January 2008, and outline the various stages of work throughout that year, before a presentation was made to ‘the stakeholders’ in September 2008.


What looks like computer-aided plans show the layout of the proposed development on three physical levels: underground, ground level and above ground. It appears to extend over Times Square, the Market and Market car park, and offices between Academy Way and Mersey Street; running from behind the east side of Bridge Street and south side of Buttermarket Street up to, and including, the upper end of Academy Street and the lower end of Mersey Street.

Access points to the development are shown via Dolman’s Lane, Hall’s Yard and Academy Way from the east side of Bridge Street; via Upper Bank Street from the south side of Buttermarket Street; via a new access route next to the Quaker Meeting House and Academy Way on the west side of Academy Street and via two new access routes from the north side of Mersey Street. Buildings situated on the east corner of Academy Street and Buttermarket Street are shown as affected.

Visually, a number of interlocking blocks, some of them extremely large, are grouped around a long north/south axial route leading to a large, circular, open space

It is not possible to discern the key, in the right hand column of each level of the Masterplan, on the PDF.

Executive Summary