An Editorial Aside

I recently found ‘Blogging for Historians’ which is full of good advice on best practice. It has made me realize that my earlier posts, at an embarrassing 1,000 words plus, are far too long. They suggest that posts should ideally be around 500 words in length, so I shall try to stick to this in future.

I am a complete novice at blogging, and indeed have never participated in any form of social media before, my only previous use of the internet being for work. The purpose of this foray into unknown territory is to refine ideas, and hopefully evolve a writing style, for the book I am working on, on the historical geography of Warrington.

I have already noticed a number of irritating ‘typos’ in previous posts, which I am not sure how to correct at this stage. With a bit of luck though, things will improve along the way as I become more technologically adept; in the meantime ‘I crave your indulgence’ as someone once said.