Bridge Street Quarter Regeneration – Key Outputs of the Masterplan Framework

Executive Summary

Executive Summary – Key Outputs

The Masterplan identifies three phases of development:

Phase One
A food store of 6,800sqm (2,600sqm at mezzanine level); a market of 4,356sqm; retail space of 6,270sqm; offices totalling 1,093sqm. An underground car park with 555 parking spaces (200 for food store). Sixty apartments.

Phase Two
A new hotel/JJB/offices/residential block; additional retail space of 1,425sqm; additional offices totalling 4,353 sqm. An additional eighty-five apartments.

Phase Three
A further ninety apartments.

Analysis – Food Store 6,800sqm with 2,600sqm at mezzanine level

This seems quite an unusual suggestion for such a prominent, central location, and it would be interesting to know the rationale behind it. Warrington already has two of the major supermarkets, Asda and Sainsbury’s, within the town centre, a 3 minute and a 5 minute walk from Bridge Street respectively, as well as another two, Tesco and Morrison’s, about half a mile from Bridge Street and a large Lidl on Fennel Street. ‘Regeneration’ in those terms is therefore already amply covered; I rather thought that regenerating a town centre usually involved some sort of cultural focus??

To put the proposed new food store into context, the Asda at Cockhedge is 6540 sqm, Sainsbury’s on Church Street is 6805sqm and Morrisons on Greenhall’s Avenue is 7610sqm. Even with the mezzanine level this will still take up a large part of the proposed area and could dominate the development site disproportionately.

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