A Note to Any Family Historians

As a number of you are American, I thought the following might prove interesting.

There are three Warringtons in America: one in Escambia County, Florida, named after a person, Lewis Warrington, and two in Pennsylvania, named after the town in England. (For British readers: Pennsylvania was founded in 1682 by the English Quaker, William Penn, who accepted a large land grant in New England in payment of a huge debt owed to him by Charles II. Throughout the eighteenth century, Quakers from all over England emigrated there to escape the religious intolerance of the period.)

The two in Pennsylvania are Warrington Township in York County (previously Lancaster County) and Warrington Township in Bucks County. (Bucks, incidently, is a postal abbreviation used in England for the county of Buckinghamshire.) Apparently, there is a claim by some that the York County Warrington is named for a town in Ireland, but I would suggest that the previous name of Lancaster County disproves this: at the time it was founded, in 1735, the English Warrington was in the county of Lancashire.

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