Welcome to Warrington (part three)

Part Two

If you are travelling by bus, you will be taken straight ahead, through the lights and directly up Bridge Street, once the main shopping street for the town and once considered the most attractive street in Cheshire, after Chester’s Eastgate. Looking about you with eager interest at the large Victorian and Edwardian buildings, you see only metal shutters and a distinct lack of people. This is lower Bridge Street, whose preponderance of nightclubs, bars and takeaways not only makes it a no-go area at night, for the majority of those over 25, but has effectively closed the street down completely in the daytime.

Just before the bus sweeps to the right, you catch a glimpse further up the street, a dispiriting clutter of notices To Let’ amidst which the Warrington institution that is the 100 year old department store of Hancock and Wood stands out bravely. Within a few seconds the bus has pulled up and deposited you at the bus stop on Academy Way, a wide road cut through the right side of Bridge Street in the late 1980s, presumably to divert the traffic when they pedestrianised Market Gate at the heart of the town. If you’re quick enough as the bus turns, you can see how the buildings on the left have been sheared though.

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